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Gun Right Attorney in Yakima, Washington

If you have been revoked your second amendment right, the right to bear arms, Troy Lee & Associates, in Yakima, WA, may be able to assist you in restoring your rights.
Gun and bullets — Restoring Gun Rights in Yakima, WA
There are several factors that may determine your eligibility of having your gun rights restored. Listed below are a few factors.
  • Five years have passed since you were convicted of a felony (three years if your conviction was a misdemeanor).
  • You do not have any pending criminal charges or arrest warrants.
  • You were not convicted of a Class A felony (violent crimes, robbery, homicide).
  • You were not involuntarily committed for mental health issues.
If you believe you may be eligible to have you gun rights restored, contact or offices to help you get the reinstatement process started. If you are deemed eligible, a Superior Court judge must grant your request for reinstatement of your second amendment rights.

Contact us today to determine your eligibility to once again posses a firearm. 509-452-6235