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Criminal Defense Attorney in Yakima, Washington

When facing criminal charges, having an experienced and dedicated attorney on your side could mean the difference between spending time in jail and your freedom. Troy Lee & Associate, in Yakima, WA, is here to assist you during these difficult situations. Troy Lee will provide you with the experience you need to prove to the courts that you are serious about your legal defense.

Troy Lee will take the time to explain and make you fully aware of the charges and legal ramifications you may be facing. His team will be by your side from your arraignment to your trial. We are capable of handling cases at both state and federal levels.

Criminal Charges



keys and alcohol — Criminal Law in Yakima, WA
If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI) in Washington, you may be facing serious criminal consequences. It is important that you understand that your rights and future may be in jeopardy. Troy Lee & Associates will make sure you understand your rights and provide you with a solid defense to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Drug Charges

Drug Charges — Criminal Law in Yakima, WA
When you are accused of a drug-related crime in Washington, your need to secure an aggressive legal defense. Depending on the severity and other factors of your case, you may be charged on the state or federal level. Troy Lee & Associates can fight for your rights, no matter the level your case.

Clearing Criminal Records

Finger prints — Criminal Law in Yakima, WA
A conviction of a crime may stay on your record, impacting your ability to obtain gainful employment and more. Troy Lee & Associates may be able to help you with getting your criminal records expunged.
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